Manually Burn a ISO file to a USB drive with Command Line

Sometimes a tools doesn't work or Anti-Virus application flag things that they shouldn't. This can be frustrating when all you are trying to do is to burn a ISO file to a USB drive. As frustrating as this can be you can actually do this with only a few command.

Open a cmd window as administrator and run diskpart


Next run List Disk, this will list the disks that are on the computer, Identify your USB drive that you want to burn the ISO file to.

List Disk

In this example I will be using disk 1, to do this run Select Disk 1

Select Disk 1

Now Clean the Drive, this will remove all data from the drive so be sure you have the correct on selected


Then Create a partition with Create Partition Primary

Create Partition Primary

Format the partition, format fs=fat32 quick

format fs=fat32 quick

Now mark the partition as active


Exit Diskpart

Now we need to update the bootcode on the USB drive, This is a lot easier then it sounds

bootsect.exe /nt60 $bootdir /force /mbr

Now we need to mount the ISO file we want to burn, if you have window 10 right click on the file and choose mount, if you have windows 7 you will need a tool to mount the file with you can use WinCdEmu.

Once the ISO is mounted we want to copy the content of the ISO to the root of the USB drive. You can either select all items in the ISO, right click and copy the content then past it to the root of the Drive or you can run the following robocopy command, Replace F:\ with the drive letter of your ISO file and E:\ with the letter of your USB Drive.

Robocopy F:\ E:\ /E /J

Once the copy has completed you are all done you can now boot the flash drive.

Alternatively if you are using windows 10 and you don't want to spend all the time do this manual you can use our ISO2USB tool.

If you are looking for a good flash drive for this we recommend this one