PowerShell Gallery

Hello all,

If you haven't notices we recently have started using PowerShell Gallery to host our script and modules. If you are not familiar with PowerShell Gallery it is Microsoft's central online repository for PowerShell scripts and modules its a great way to make your work public and easy for others to install. So you may wonder how can I find and user these modules, well its really simple.

To start lets find the Script Packaging Module simple go to this link


you will see some instructions that you run to install the module but before you can do that you first need to install nuget and PowerShellGet. To do this first run

Install-PackageProvider Nuget -Force

Then you will need to run

Install-Module-Name PowerShellGet -Force

Once you have Nuget and PowerShellGet installed you can run

Install-Module -Name ScriptPackaging

Once installed each time you open PowerShell the models will already be loaded for you to use

To see all of out scripts and Modules we have uploaded you can head over to our PowerShell Gallery Page